Please read before making a purchase online or Through the shop:
Due to Covid and the impact it has had on all businesses - big or small, currently the price of Flowers and foliage is exceptionally high. There's a lack of imported product coming in the country. This in turn, has created a big gap in supply and demand. Local growers are not used to producing so many flowers and the whole flower industry is now having to rely on locally grown flowers and foliage.This in turn, has created a big gap in supply and demand. At the flower auction, big buyers with roaring trade, can afford to pay a premium price. This results in an increased value. This situation can be similarly compared to the housing market. We would like to add that this is totally out of our control.
I would like to thank you for your understanding in this matter and inspite of all this, if you still purchase an arrangement or place a wedding order with us, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Your support helps us stay in business and lets us continue to create beautiful arrangements to delight you and your loved ones.
The pictures on our website serve as an example of how an arrangement or gift hamper may look and feel.
Since March 2020, the New Zealand flower supply and production have been seriously affected. Our growers suffered hugely during the lockdown, which means, a reduced supply of flowers for all florists. Therefore, even though we will try our best, we cannot guarantee a particular flower in an arrangement. When choosing an arrangement, please keep in mind its the colour combination you are choosing. Flowers used may vary due to seasonal availability. If needed, a substitution of equal or greater value will be used. We want to assure you that this will not impact the quality of our creations.
For Wedding and Event orders, we'll try our best to accomodate the flower variety and colour of choice. Since Covid has hit our shores, the flower varieties available have changed drastically. Some growers have discontinued certain varieties and introduced new ones. With the ever changing lockdown levels since last year and the challenge for growers to tend to their crops during such times  has resulted in a further shortage of flowers. Due to high demand of premium product during wedding season, and decreased level of supply, we have to order all wedding and event flowers well in advance, so we can secure your preferred flower variety and colour. In the event of a cancellation or postponement of your wedding / event, we'll try our best to accomodate the change but we are unable to guarantee anything. It will totally be at our discretion to accomodate or not to accomodate depending on the availability of the requested change of date. An extra charge will be incurred by the customer for any change in wedding / event date, venue, or product. The reason being the wastage of product that this change may cause us, as the flowers are ordered few months prior to the event. We'll try our best to accomodate the change but we are unable to guarantee anything. In the event, that we're unable to accomodate the requested changes in the date, or product, we're not liable to refund any deposit made by the customer. The decision to refund will be solely at the discretion of The Florist.