New bouquet added to the collection.
September 15, 2020

New bouquet added to the collection.

'Spring in my step' has finally gone live on the website. Isn't it yummy? Well... yummy looking, please do not eat the flowers!.

The concept of this bouquet will be like the others, meaning it will be made up of pinks, oranges and yellow flowers available fresh from the market. This particular bunch we were able to source leucospermums called Veldfire, poppies, moody blue roses ( but they are pink... confused much) and cymbidium orchids all of which are in season at the moment. (There's something special about this bunch which I'm very excited to share! Its a bunch created to honour my mum's birthday. She turned 73 today! And it has all the colours of her liking. I wish she was here to receive this bunch....)

The exciting part of making our bunches this way is they are always unique and carefully thought out to make sure the flowers compliment each other.

An added option to this bunch upon request is wrapping it in Brown Kraft Card instead of white. Both enhance the bunch quite nicely. But what do you think would look better?

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